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Google is known throughout the world and has always been a trend setter. Google has always diversified itself and its operations and has always looked for new challenges. It is company known for its innovative approach towards things and has given us new and improved features and designs. The company acquired android back in 2005, which was seen as a very shocking move. This has turned out to be for the best as android has become a very popular OS and Platform. Many companies are now developing applications for the OS. The OS has become as popular as the iphone itself.

Online casino is a very booming business and there are many online casinos operating in the market. The internet has changed many businesses and the casino business is no different. Today many casinos have realized the potential of Smartphone's and the android OS which is why they are developing many mobile casino games which are compatible with the android. There are many mobile online casinos games which run on the android. Many popular online casino games are now available on your mobile and you can use your mobile to play a casino game. Most of the mobile casino games are compatible with the android.

The android OS has captured a large portion of the market and is growing at a rapid pace which is why many leading companies are developing applications for the Android. Smartphone's have become popular and many companies have realized the potential that they have which is why many online gaming casinos have developed mobile capable games. There are many android casino games available which provide a player with an excellent gaming and gambling experience. Many companies are now developing android casino apps so that their games can also run on Smartphone's. The overall popularity of the android has lead to this development.

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